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Infrared and Red Light Therapy in Dallas, TX

What Is Infrared and Red Light Therapy?

Our sauna at Recover ITC does more than make you sweat; it holds the secret to natural detoxification, a healthier immune system, and better sleep. This noninvasive treatment optimizes infrared and red light therapy, or chromotherapy, promoting a wealth of health-enhancing benefits while giving you a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Our team is happy to offer these biohacking treatments to help patients achieve a multitude of health goals. Contact our Dallas, TX practice to schedule a consultation, and learn more about our infrared and red light therapy sauna.

How Does Infrared and Red Light Therapy Work?

Infrared light is something most of us are familiar with, yet often unaware of, experiencing its effects by simple everyday things, like feeling sunlight on our skin or the warmth of a campfire. Unlike a traditional sauna, which uses heat or steam to achieve these health benefits, an infrared sauna treatment employs cutting-edge LED light panels to emit pure, concentrated infrared light to safely and effectively raise the body’s core temperature. Red light targets specific issues, activating the circulatory and nervous systems. Many patients find that the sauna emits lower heat than traditional saunas, making this therapy more comfortable and enjoyable. Because the infrared and red lights are concentrated, the health-boosting benefits are even more effective. All patients have to do is sit comfortably while the LED panels provide an enjoyable and colorful treatment session.


What Are the Benefits of Infrared and Red Light Therapy?

Whether you need to eliminate harmful toxins in your body, rest after a long workout, lose weight, or simply want to feel refreshed, an infrared and red light sauna treatment at Recover ITC may be the perfect remedy. In as little as 30 minutes, you can both look and feel your best while soaking up some of the following benefits of infrared and red light therapy:

Refreshed and Relaxed

Infrared sauna treatments can provide whole-body healing, detoxification, anti-aging benefits, and much more, leaving you refreshed in a relaxing and safe setting. Contact our team to learn more about our treatments, and schedule a session at our Dallas, TX practice today.

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