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NanoVi® in Dallas, TX

What Is Nanovi?

Proteins play many roles within the body, repairing and building tissues, generating chemical reactions, regulating the immune system, and forming muscle infrastructure for movement. Made up of amino acids, proteins also help maintain proper pH and fluids within the body. But did you know that proteins process in the body by folding into a three-dimensional shape with the assistance of ordered water? This allows proteins to properly function and promote wellness, performance, and recovery. Advanced technology from the NanoVi device at Recover ITC can help remedy protein function. Through humidity and creating the ordered water the body needs to help proteins fold fittingly for cellular activity, the NanoVi is a powerful tool that repairs oxidative stress damage, fights chronic health issues, increases performance, addresses the signs of aging, and more. Schedule a consultation with our holistic care team to learn more about this treatment and the array of benefits it will bring to your body.

How Does Nanovi Work?

Ordered water is different from a glass of water; it is created from electromagnetic energy released from excited reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells. The NanoVi device emits a bioidentical signal at the same wavelength to stimulate the release of good ROS and prompt proper protein function. Through the device, an air stream of humidity passes through the absorbable electromagnetic energy and comes into contact with mucous membranes in the mouth and nose. The water from the humidity reacts and moves throughout cells, improving the body’s response to the oxidative process. The device and your body do all the hard work. All you have to do is sit and breathe normally.


What Are the Benefits of Nanovi?

NanoVi technology is designed to repair oxidative stress damage for full protein functionality. Utilizing this device at Recover ITC counterbalances oxidative stress and results in multiple health benefits and enhances the vitality of patients. Benefits include the following:

Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness

Stronger proteins and an oxidative process contribute to your overall health. The NanoVi device also improves sleep, and some patients notice immediate effects, such as feeling a boost of energy, less stress, and improved mental clarity. Recover ITC is proud to offer this innovative technology to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Schedule a consultation with our holistic care team at our Dallas, TX practice today to learn more.

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