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Monday - Friday 8:00 - 6:30
Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED


Recover ITC
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Recover ITC: A Better Path to Care

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Is Recover ITC for Me?

Recover ITC aims to serve patients who have either been diagnosed with or suspect they may be suffering from the symptoms of long-haul COVID.

Symptoms often include fatigue, fever, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and cough, as well as neurological and cognitive symptoms, headache, joint or muscle pain, and pounding heartbeat.

While our primary focus is on long-haul COVID patients, we also serve patients experiencing symptoms caused by other forms of chronic inflammation, such as Lyme disease.

Recover ITC is covered by most health insurance plans. If you’re tired of bouncing from PCP to specialist and back again without getting any of the medical answers you need to start getting the relief you deserve, make an appointment for a patient consultation to see if you qualify for care with Recover ITC.

How Our Patient Process Works


Qualifying Questionnaire

You fill out a short questionnaire to determine whether you qualify.


Complete Medical History

We’ll have you complete a detailed patient health form, which will give us a fuller picture of your medical history and a better understanding of your symptoms and needs.


Initial Consultations

New patients will come into the Care Center for an in-person physician consultation, where they can meet their doctor, ask any questions they may have, and get a better understanding of the diagnostic and treatment process.


Whole-Body Diagnostics Process

This follow-up appointment involves a comprehensive physical exam to provide a complete overview of how the patient’s body is currently functioning, from the heart and lungs to the vascular system and cognitive function.


Holistic Care Plan

Finally, the physician and care teamwill meet to develop a holistic care plan that might include both traditional and nontraditional treatments—anything from physical and cognitive therapy to hyperbaric chambers, high-dose vitamin C, and IV treatments.


Ongoing Care

We are here to walk with you on your treatment journey and continue providing resources and optimizing your care plan so you can start feeling better, faster.

The Recover ITC Difference

Unlike traditional health systems and hospitals, which are often complex, difficult to navigate, and overburdened, Recover ITC offers patients a simpler, more streamlined path to understanding their symptoms, receiving a diagnosis, and finding relief.

We take a personalized, patient-centric approach that includes diagnosis, consultation, testing, and treatment—all under one roof, with no outside referrals or additional appointments at far-flung offices necessary.

Your personal, integrated team physicians, Resident Nurses, and specialists work in tandem to determine the best course of care for each individual patient, often combining traditional and nontraditional treatments to achieve the best possible health outcome.

The ultimate difference you’ll notice at Recover ITC is that we care. We understand that you may have been searching for answers to your symptoms for months or even years, struggling through the confusing and bureaucratic health system to simply receive a diagnosis. We aim to be the final step in this long health journey by helping you get the answers and care you need to start living your life normally again.